Guts Enough to Matter

You don't have to be, Muhammad Ali, you just gotta
 get up off the canvas. You don't gotta float like he
dance like a butterfly or sting like a bee, you just
 gotta try to stand up. You gotta keep fighting.
You're gonna get knocked down a lot, especially
   if you're poor; you're gonna have to bleed.
You don't have to be Muhamed Ali, you
    just have to stand for something.

You don't have to drink like Charles Bukowski, you just gotta
 bang your head against the hard brick wall, enough times
as necessary. Though not once more. You just gotta have
the guts not to wallow in the comfort of banging your
head against hard things. You gotta try to keep up
 with old Buk, for one good night. And when
 you hit the floor, it is good and right.
     Just don't stay there

You don't have to starve like Gandhi, you just gotta
  try not to be fat-headed. Try to mind your waste.
You don't have to take on the British Empire, you
just gotta have the guts to say "boo" after your
government kills the innocent. You gotta
have the guts to stand up to the Boss
when his pyramid scheme starves
those on the bottom. You don't
have to be Gandhi, you just
  gotta have the guts to
     say   “No.”

 One thing I know:
no one's a hero, all the time.
But standing up when called,
giving it your all, saying “no”
to what you know is wrong...
those are the guts enough
  to matter.